2015-16 Class Schedule

08.24.15      Session 1 begins 10.15.15      Session 1 ends

10.19.15      Session 2 begins 12.10.15      Session 2 ends

01.04.16      Session 3 begins  02.25.16      Session 3 ends

02.29.16      Session 4 begins 04.21.16      Session 4 ends

04.25.16      Session 5 begins 
06.16.16      Session 5 ends

  Welcome to Concord Fencing Club

An End of an Era at CFC:

         This current 8 week session, ending on June 16, will be our last. Tracy Nabstedt, owner and head coach at CFC is retiring from the world of fencing. Tracy has been pursuing fencing as a full time profession for nearly 30 years, and Concord Fencing Club has called 126 Hall Street home for nearly 20 years. It has been our pleasure and privilege to work and play with so many fine fencers of all ages under the banner of CFC. We have been proud of this club, and what it stands for. We hope that those of you who have fenced with us have acquired something of lasting value by our association. We have certainly valued our time with you.

          If you are interested in continuing on the piste, please feel free to call or email us here at CFC. We will be pleased to help you find the right club and coach to fit your needs.

          Salut and best regards,

                    Tracy Nabstedt-Owner and Head Coach
                    Althea Haropulos-Office Manager
                    Shawn Brooks-Coach

                    Jim Leland-Coach

CFC Philosophy

Concord Fencing Club offers fencing instruction for kids, teens, and adults ranging from beginners to advanced fencers and elite competitors. The philosophy for beginners is mostly educational and recreational. For experienced fencers the emphasis depends upon the fencer's desires - either recreational or competitive. How a person approaches the sport depends upon personal factors. CFC is there for ALL fencers.

Instruction is always positive and each fencer will hopefully enjoy and feel successful in what he/she is doing. Besides the skills needed for fencing, special emphasis is placed on learning strategies that are used for achievement in all athletics and business - discipline and sportsmanship. Fencing has long been known to be excellent in developing self confidence and body awareness. Every fencer is taught based upon his/her own ability in a progressive fashion, allowing each one to move along a preset sequence of skills at his/her own rate.

An overall goal is to have fun!