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Epée Class Handouts - 2017-2018


The PDF files listed below are intended primarily as class notes, references, and resources for students at CFC. We hope that some of these documents may be of interest to other visitors to our site.


Please feel free to download, read, and enjoy!

Beat-Thrust in Epée

Double-Feint Attacks

Etude de Fer #1 - OVERVIEW

Etude de Fer #1 - Beat Sequence

Etude de Fer #1 - Direct Sequence


Etude de Fer #1 - Lateral Sequence

Etude de Fer #1 - PdF Sequence

Etude de Fer #1 - Vertical Sequence

Etude de Fer #1A - Prep - Lateral Disengage


Opposition & Prise de Fer

Preparation vs Progression

Preparing for Competition

SWOT Analysis

Transition to Epée

Transition to Epée - Supplement

Triple-Feint Attacks


Class Handouts - Summer 2017


Actions on the Blade

Classification of Attacks

Feint Attacks

General Classification of Fencing Actions


The Ideal Performance State


The Remise


Sentiment de Fer (Feel of the Blade)

Tactical Footwork, Part I - Technique

Tactical Footwork, Part II - Applications

The Tactical Wheel

Zone Theory