CFC Summer Session 2017

Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-9pm
July 6th - August 24th

Purchase an 'Early Bird Special' CFC Season Membership

What is it? - A Summer Instructional & Training Program for Competitive & Recreational Fencers

  • Each evening will be broken up into two parts:
    1.  6pm-7:30pm - Group Activity:
      Group footwork and stretches
      A brief seminar, covering topics such as fencing psychology, general fencing info/rules, agility training, tactics, etc.  This will be an open forum and discussion is encouraged.  
      Intermediate to Advance Fencers in all 3 weapons are invited to participate.
    2. 7:30-9pm - Open fencing and individual lessons
      Contact CFC coaches or the CFC office to reserve lesson time(s).
      Note: Those who wish to open fence only may start as early as 6pm.


How Much Does it Cost?


  • OPTION I: Walk-in* Fees for Summer Session 2017:
    • Group activity + Open fencing = $25
    • Individual lesson + Open fencing = $25
    • Group activity + Private Lesson + Open fencing = $50
    • Open fencing only = $15


OPTION II: Save with the CFC Summer Session Punch Card:

  • At $200 for a ten-punch card, you can save 20% vs. our walk-in fees.
    • Group activity + open fencing = 1 punch
    • Individual lesson + Open fencing = 1 punch
    • Group activity + Private Lesson + Open fencing = 2 punches
  • The card can be purchased at Concord Fencing Club, or online.


OPTION III: Early Bird Special: Purchase a 2017-2018 Season Membership, and fence all Summer for free!

  • Full Season Membership (10 months: September - June): $500
    • Save $100 vs. the standard monthly membership plan
    • Receive a free 2017 Summer Pass as a gift
    • CFC's 'Early Bird Special' 2017 Summer Pass includes:
      • Group activities for 7.5 weeks (15 evenings)
      • Open Fencing for 7.5 weeks (15 evenings)
    • A regular season membership can be purchased at CFC, or online.

      What if I Already Have an Open Fencing or Individual Lesson Card?
      Can I use those instead?

      • Yes, but we encourage you to purchase a Summer Session card. This saves you money, and helps us to keep those air conditioners running!

      • Using the regular season Open Fencing punchcards:
        • Group activity + Open fencing = 2 punches
        • Open fencing only = 1 punch
      • (Individual Lesson Punchcards will be honored as-usual)

      *Instructions for Guest Fencers:

      • Current USFA membership is required for all participants. Full protective gear is required, including athletic cups for gentlemen. Gear rental is available if needed.

      Purchase an 'Early Bird Special' CFC Season Membership